Sometimes People are Dumb

Hispanic Advertising by the Numbers

Sometimes people do things that just don’t make sense.  If you look at the growth rate of the Hispanic population in the US, it has been nothing but stunning over the last 20 years and headed to higher heights by 2050.  Check this out…

Hispanic Population Growth from 2000 – 2019Hispanic population growth from 2000 to 2019

Est. Hispanic Population Growth from 2016 – 2060

Projected Hispanic Population Growth 2016 - 2060

What do those two graphs tell you?  When you look at them, what do you think?  Does “Wow!” come to mind?  Or perhaps do the two graphs tell you that you should think about targeting the Hispanic community around your dealership with ads that are flavored to the local culture and language?  I know that’s what I would think.

Business People – Including Dealers – are Not Reacting to the Numbers Logically

Getting dealers to consider marketing to their local Hispanic population is often quite difficult.  Many don’t see the need even when presented with overwhelming facts like you see above.

How can I prove this?  Check out this data!

Google Trends data for Hispanic Advertising and Hispanic Marketing

These search trends on Google are shocking.  Despite all the growth, and a massive increase in spending power, most businesses aren’t even searching for the option of “hispanic advertising” or “hispanic marketing”.  Use other search terms such as “Spanish language advertising” and the numbers are even worse.  And you can’t explain this within the dealer community as “it’s because of the chip shortage” because the trend extends back many years.

US Hispanic Spending Power

Did I mention spending power?  Check out this graph from Statista on the buying power of the US Hispanic population from 1990 to 2020!  It screams SELL TO US!  But the data above, in terms of people searching for “Hispanic advertising”, says that the interest by most businesses is quite low. 

Hispanic Spending Power 1990 - 2020

The Final Word

The data is conclusive that the US Hispanic population has grown massively over the last 20 years, will continue to grow well into the future, and has a wallet that is getting larger and larger each and every year that passes.  But the data also speaks loudly when it comes to businesses searching for Hispanic marketing or advertising.  The graph shows that such searches have declined measurably since 2004.  Why this is the case can probably lead to some fun debates, but debates are a waste of time, since this gap in awareness may give you an opportunity to outfox your competitors.  It is likely, based on the data here, and what we’ve gathered elsewhere, that your competitors are unaware of how their local market has changed.  Take advantage of this.  Segment your marketing and reach out to the Hispanic community.  This is a great tactic right now in preparation for when the market corrects itself after the chip shortage is resolved.

Do you want to know the size and composition of the Hispanic population in your area and what your competitors are doing to reach out to it (or not)? Contact us and we’ll give you the data for free, or see our Hispanic Marketing page for what we can do to help you.  The sales that you are missing out on are yours for the taking.

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