Providing Market Intelligence Data to FordDirect

by Adam Dennis

Raw Data to Actionable Results

We talk a lot about data: website performance data, accessibility data, demographic data (and how that should influence your Hispanic Marketing strategy), and more.

Collecting raw data is one thing, but turning it into something actionable that can produce real results for a dealer, is something else. Here’s an example of how our data is being used to impact dealers’ businesses today.

Helping FordDirect’s Field Team Serve Their Customers Better

We’ve been providing raw data and data analysis to FordDirect for the last 18 months or so.  They take that data and import it into the dashboards their Field Services team uses to consult with their Ford and Lincoln dealers.

Each month, each store’s dashboard gets updated with the latest performance metrics, SEO rankings, demographic data, social media review data, and more. Also, each data element includes consultative suggestions about the impact the data has upon their business, and how they can improve.

FordDirect’s Field Services team uses this information in their monthly calls with the dealers to go over areas for improvement. Having this data in their existing dashboard saves each Field Service representative a significant amount of time each month (time they spent researching this information on their own in the past), making them more efficient, and allowing them to spend more time consulting with the dealers.

Interested in how you can turn raw data to improve your services, generate a cost savings, or both?  Give us a call or contact us now.

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