Your Hispanic Marketing Opportunity…

50%/60 Million/$1.7 Trillion/90%

These 4 stats should mean a lot to you.  They provide a quick snapshot of the growing power of  the Hispanic Market.  Let’s take a look…

  • According to Forbes, Census data shows US Hispanics account for almost half of US population growth.  If your dealership isn’t planning for this, and you don’t know how many Hispanics live around your dealership, then you’re making a huge mistake!
  • As the largest ethnic minority in the US, Hispanics make up almost 20% of the population at over 60 million strong as of 2020.  By 2050, the Hispanic pop is expected to be 30% of the US pop.  The future is clearly with Hispanic marketing.
  • $1.7 Trillion in Spending Power… and growing stronger every day!  If it were a country, the US Hispanic market would be one of the 20 top economies in the world right now.  
  • Over 90% of US Hispanics use cell phones to shop online and they are more likely to buy from you if you advertise to them in Spanish.  

The challenge is how prepared is your business to take advantage of this massive opportunity, especially during the COVID pandemic where our economic future has become less predictable.

Contact us and one of our team members will schedule a 30 min call to help you identify how you can market to the Hispanic community in your area.

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