Welcome to the World Bree Anne!

Let us introduce you to Bree Anne Gunnels, the latest member of the SurgeMetrix family. Bree Anne is the pride and joy of Barry and Brooke Gunnels. Barry, who runs Deployments for us, is not as tired as the Mom, but both are in great spirits.

We have high hopes for baby Bree! Think about it! A potential software developer, user experience designer, BDC specialist, SEO expert, Internet Sales Manager, Fixed Ops Director, GM, or President of the USA! You name it; she is full of possibilities. But, for now, we have to get through the burping and diapers phase.

So, best wishes to Barry, Brooke, and Bree Anne’s brother Baxter! Family is everything to us in SurgeMetrix and we wish anyone reading this the same joy and happiness they, and we, are feeling right now.

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