Hispanic Marketing

Why Do Hispanic Marketing?

  • US Hispanics are almost 20% of the total population at 60 million+, and are expected to reach 30% of the US population by 2030.
  • Hispanics account for over 50% of all US population growth. Wow! Think about that!
  • Their spending power is rapidly growing with a powerful punch of $1.9 trillion by 2023.
  • About 25% of the Hispanic population earns $75,000 or more, up from 15% over 10 years ago. No joke. Their spending power is rising rapidly!
  • Many dealers have high volumes of Hispanics living near their dealerships and, quite surprisingly, do not market to them at all. Unfortunate, but true…
  • If you market to US Hispanics in Spanish, they are much more likely to buy from you.

How We Market to the US Hispanic Community Near You

  • We meet with you to develop a plan that’s unique to your needs.
  • We analyze the composition of the US Hispanic market near you to make sure that we create culturally relevant ads with the right message.
  • We create Spanish language landing pages that match the ads that we post so that they drive leads to your dealership.
  • We can create a range of ad types, from VIN specific Spanish language ads that target in-market shoppers with specific vehicles on your lot to videos that emotionally capture the attention of Hispanic shoppers.
  • We use data to guide our decision-making so we get you the best cost-per-lead outcomes. We’re always about the data because it is critical to your success!
  • And, if necessary, we can even help you hire and train your team so that they serve your Hispanic customers in a way that builds trust and profits over time.

What Our Customers Say About Us